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Support First Amendment Rights
Support Second Amendment Rights
Support Capitalism
Support Legal Immigration
Support Rights of the Unborn
Oppose Mandated Health Insurance
Oppose Government Expansion
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Andrew County Missouri

As your Missouri State Representative I will give Andrew County the best possible representation in the Missouri House of Representatives.

I live in Andrew County, I own two businesses in Andrew County, and I am a former Andrew County employee. I want to assure Andrew County has a voice in Jefferson City and I will introduce innovative legislation that will create new jobs in Andrew County, represent Northwest Missouri farmers, and assist Andrew County businesses with Missouri Action Fund Loans

As your Missouri State Representative, I will fight to include Andrew County in Missouri's Enhanced Enterprise Zones. Adding Andrew County to Missouri's Enhanced Enterprise Zones will allow new or existing businesses to obtain additional tax credits. By adding Andrew County to Missouri's Enhanced Enterprise Zones many companies in Andrew County will also be able to a company to obtain tax credits and real estate tax abatements that would of otherwise not been allowed. If Andrew County is located in an Enhanced Enterprise Zone certain businesses will be also be allowed additional tax credits for the purchase of equipment, machinery, land purchases, and building rental rates. St. Joseph is already an Enhanced Enterprise Zone, Andrew County is not. Including Andrew County in Missouri's Enhanced Enterprise Zones will make it easier to start, expand, or relocate a business to Andrew County. This will create new jobs in Savannah and the rest of Andrew County.

I will also work to create jobs in Andrew County by assisting Andrew County businesses with Missouri Action Fund Loan applications. The population of Andrew County allows Andrew County businesses to apply for a Missouri Action Fund Loan. Missouri Action Fund Loans are provided by the Missouri Department of Economic Development in an effort to provide lending to companies that have exhausted all other types of financing. This program allows a Missouri business to gain additional financing for growth and development when that company cannot obtain any additional financing. Many businesses in Northwest Missouri experienced a decline in their credit score due to decreased revenues resulting from the bad economy. Missouri Action Fund Loans will allow Andrew County companies with less than perfect credit to obtain financing that would not be granted by other lending sources. Assisting Andrew County businesses in rebuilding after the bad economy will be one of my top priorities in my attempt to create new jobs in Andrew County.

I will also represent Andrew County farmers by seeking a chair on the Missouri Agricultural Committee. Northwest Missouri does not have representation on this very important committee. My family has farmed the same ground in Northwest Missouri for over 100 years and I know the importance of the Agricultural Policy Committee is to Andrew County farmers. I will seek a chair on this committee to give proper representation to Andrew County farmers. I will also work to inform Andrew County farmers of Missouri Export Offices, that are located throughout the world that can help Andrew County farmers obtain higher prices for produce.

If you have any questions about how I will serve Andrew County as your Missouri State Representative, I invite you to contact me at anytime.

Thanks for your consideration and support.


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